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The Sandwichcast

In this episode, we spend a good amount of time talking about the unreasonable expectations Eric has when it comes to the art of sandwich making, Louis maps out the numerous ways he stretches his movie watching dollar at the local multiplex, and we talk a little bit about high school. Enjoy!

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Blood, Sex, and Violence: Paul Verhoeven

In this episode we focus on the maniacal Dutch director Paul Verhoeven. Director of Robocop, Starship Troopers, Basic Instinct, and Total Recall. Eric talks a little bit about The Rover, the new film starring Guy Pierce and Robert Pattinson. Cory rounds the episode off by expressing his opinion on the vast number of reboots Hollywood churs out.

P.S. Due to a tech mishap, the show doesn't start properly until a minute after the intro.

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deadCENTER Wrap-up

Louis Fowler and The General Lee join us to recap our experiences at deadCENTER, the premier film festival in Oklahoma. Our topics range from the short film programs, the documentaries, and the free press donuts to the industry panels, how nice the deadCENTER staff were, and how well organized the festival it was. Strap in for a long episode.

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Alex of the OKC Film Club and General Lee join us in talking about one of the most subversive series ever to be shown on network television...HANNIBAL. FULL SPOILERS in this episode, you have been warned. Eric and Matt take a few moments to talk about THE UNCANNY ALLEY, an independent horror film by Chicago filmmaker and all around good guy Dane Bradford Beedy. THE UNCANNY ALLEY is currently funding in Kickstarter, you can click the link below if you wish to help fund this project.

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Interview: Kim Haywood, deadCENTER Festival Director

Rodney and Eric interview deadCENTER Festival Director/Head of Programming Kim Haywood about the festival selection process, her history with the festival, and even her time as a film producer. This was a real treat for us, and we would like to thank Kim for taking the time to speak with us during what surely must be a busy time for her. We're much obliged.

More information about the deadCENTER Film Festival can be found on their website

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We talk about the new X-Men movie along with a bunch of random shit.

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In this episode, Corey makes his debut as a fully licensed host of Deus Ex Media, may God have mercy on his soul. We talk about the Interstellar trailer, along with the surreal teaser clip to Ryan Gosling's directorial first effort, Lost River. In addition, we have a lengthy discussion over the merits and weaknesses of Gareth Edwards Godzilla, touch upon several summer movies, and go on a multitude of tangents.

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Alex from the OKC Film Club and returning champion Louis of Damaged Viewing join us for a nice little chat about several upcoming summer movies we're looking forward to. We also went on a record number of tangents this episode and had one hell of a time doing so. Strap in for a long episode.

Follow Louis Fowler on Twitter @louisfowler Follow the OKC Film Club on Twitter @OKCFilmClub

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Jodorowsky’s Dune

In this episode, Cory establishes himself as the go to guest host of the podcast, Eric give his impression over Jodorowsky's Dune, a fantastic documentary about the most famous science fiction film never made, and someone brings up Marvel once again. We also talk about the recent announcement of Star Wars Episode VII's main cast, the IFC show Portlandia and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

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Cory and General Lee join us in a very belated discussion over one of the most dynamic television shows of recent memory, HBO's TRUE DETECTIVE. Matt, Eric, and Cory talk a little bit about CHEAP THRILLS, a darkly comic film of escalating dares gone fucking apeshit, also, a little bit of conversation about how amazing THE RAID 2 is, and a quick recap on the DAMAGED Viewing screening of The Village People movie CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC.

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